Online flash games

I have spent countless hours playing flash games in my office when i am bored. I love playing online bike games where i get to enjoy the thrills of high speed. Online Flash games are unquestionably the best way to kill free time in the office. Below are some of the top rated flashgames you can find on the web.
The Space Game
Contrary to its boring name, this space game is so fantastic to engage in. Mining asteroids in deep space as you fend off pirate attacks is quite simple. Due to its balancing acts between defense of your resources and mining alongside the juggling of resources, make this gameextremely engrossing and so addictive.
Mansion Impossible
The name might not sound like a game. To most people buying houses and selling them at a profit sounds boring for a game –but this gameis quite interesting.You are only required to Click on Houses when they are cheap, then wait for the price to go up before you sell them. You start with £100,000 and your objective is buying a £10 million mansion in the city.
The Killer Flu Game
This game was initiated by the Clinical Virology Network in the UK. The game is meant to educate people about the spread of pandemic (“swine”) flu together with everyday seasonal flu. In normal circumstances, people don’t care about the spread of flu, but will become much aware of the dangers when playing this game. A more lethal example of this game is Pandemic. In this one, you brew up a very dangerous virus and it gets to spread it all over the world.
 Gravity Pods
This is a very simple game to play. You are required to use a gun to fire a pellet into your target.The pellet’s path is prone to deflection by little gravity pods, and you will have to use them to guide the pellets around barriers into the target.